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Men’s Bamboo Boxers (Mid-Length Underwear) GREY

Men’s Bamboo Boxers (Mid-Length Underwear) GREY

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Frustrated with boxers that never quite fit right? Experience the difference with our premium mid-length bamboo boxers. Very soft and high-quality materials make these boxers. They fit around the upper thigh and stay in place. This provides great comfort and support and bamboo viscose wicks sweat from your body keeping your cooler for longer. 

Why Choose Birdies?

  • Snug high-thigh fit for all-day comfort and to prevent riding up

  • Innovative smooth glide crotch design for added comfort

  • Premium 180gsm thread count for enduring quality

  • A special mix of materials, including 70% bamboo viscose, 25% cotton, and 5% elastane. To make it strong, we combine these materials.

  • 30 Day Perfect Fit Guarantee

  • Fast & Free Shipping over $80

Choose Birdies for boxers that redefine comfort. Save up to 10% with our convenient underwear subscription. Say goodbye to ill-fitting boxers and embrace a new standard of comfort.

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