Who Are We?

Established in 2023, Status Quo Co. is an Australian family owned business. What was born from a love for staying active and feeling our best, we hope will flourish into a brand who sets the standard for both active and street wear.

Welcome to Status Quo – where the rhythm of progress echoes in every stride, and the beat of determination is the anthem we march to.  

Our individual endeavours vary, our paths diverge, yet as a brand we unite to the shared pursuit of excellence. Status Quo is more than a brand;
it's a mindset, an embodiment of the ethos that propels us to break barriers and forever shatter expectations. 

Within the fabric of Status Quo, every challenge is an opportunity, and every setback is a prelude to a greater comeback. Join us as we redefine limits, rewrite narratives, and set a new standard for what's possible. At Status Quo, the love for the journey will forever defeat the desire to reach a destination. 

Once again Welcome to the Status Quo 

Move with Momentum